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Query: select g.*, sum(stock) as total_stock, group_concat(distinct i.color) as color, group_concat(distinct i.color_map) as color_map, group_concat(distinct i.size order by i.size) as size, group_concat(distinct i.price order by i.price) as price, group_concat(distinct i.image1) as image1, group_concat(distinct case when i.price < i.fixed_price then 1 else 0 end) as is_sale from groups as g inner join items i on g.id = i.group_id where 1=1 and g.maker in ('中編上靴(ハイカット)') and g.category1 = 'マジックタイプ' and g.category2 = group by g.id order by total_stock desc limit 0, 50

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